Child malnutrition

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Hunger and Malnutrition

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Malnutrition in children

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The World We’ve Made: Every 5 Seconds A Child Dies From Malnutrition And Hunger

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Child malnutrition is a serious health problem in many countries, including Liberia. Years of civil war have left parents in many communities unable to feed their children, resulting in long-term health risks.

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Malnutrition in Children - UNICEF DATA

Spine may also show signs of wear. Our success at reducing child malnutrition will depend on how well we are able to use data to inform our policy and programmes related to addressing the problem.

Child malnutrition: Using data more effectively» India Development Review (IDR).


Over one-third of population mortality in rural areas is due to malnutrition triggered by poverty. Children are the most unprotected victims of this situation and the data of World Health. *The reference population is based on the WHO Child Growth Standards, Please note that some children can suffer from more than one form of malnutrition – such as stunting and overweight or stunting and wasting.

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Child malnutrition
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WHO | UNICEF-WHO-The World Bank: Joint child malnutrition estimates - Levels and trends