Waywardness of a child who is to be blame

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Don’t Try to “Fix” Others

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Bastard vs. Legitimate Children

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Posted Apr 07, Before a child is bad outside the home, he was already a bad child in the house. Hence the adage which says that charity begins at home.

Respect, obedience, humility, love, self control. Thus, there is no one to blame for the waywardness of a child but to his/her parents themselves who leads the child to the wayward direction and molds and creates the child to be rebellious, unloving, disrespectful, etc. It is the kind of parenting is the bottom-line.


But. When a child goes wayward, he or she becomes sick - spiritually sick, emotionally sick, and sometimes physically sick.

Parents are to blame for the childrens behaviour

Parents panic. Typically, two things happen. First, they internalize the problem and assume the blame. Second, they try to become healers, when they are seldom equipped to be such.

Indiscipline In schools – Who is to blame? Malta Independent Sunday, For some, the only means of controlling children in class is to impose some kind of punishment, thinking that this is the.

In closing his message titled The Christian's Assurance of Salvation, Paul Washer contrasts the difference between a child of God, who receives the loving discipline of the Father, and the illigitimate (bastard) child who receives no discipline at all but continues in his waywardness.

Waywardness of a child who is to be blame
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